Discover the Magic of Surf without even getting wet


An uplifting, immersive and visually stunning attraction awaits your presence at The Islantis Surf Experience.  Explore the four elements of The Islantis Surf Experience, each of which is dedicated to a different aspect of surfing culture;


Shrine to Surfing

An audio visual journey tracing the development of surfing in Australia, from the introduction of surf boards to Australian waters through to five icons of Australian surf.  Starting with Duke Kahanamoku of Hawaii, who first bought surfing to Australia, visitors are introduced to the exploits of Australians Midget Farrelly, Mark Richards, Tom Carroll, Mark Occhilupo & Layne Beachley each of whom took the baton from the Duke and surfed with it. The shrine evokes the feel of a chapel, with stained glass images of each surfer riding in their signature style. As each is featured, their surf board and stained glass window lights up, providing a link between the story and the instrument they used to carve their name in surf culture.  From here visitors are welcomed to the waves.

The Waves

Visitors are invited to enter and experience the thrill of the surf via a 360°, wrap around cinema showcasing Phillip Island’s premier surf break, Woolamai Beach.  The screen stretches a full 10 metres by 5 metres and is almost 3 metres high, projecting an specially commissioned surf movie which surrounds the seated audience. Islantis commissioned an experienced team to create a four and a half minute, breathtaking surf experience, featuring the skills of local board rider Jarvis Cininas. The movie celebrates the joys to be found in riding the waves and the freedom that surfing brings to all participants.



Sandman Secrets

From riding the waves to living the lifestyle, visitors step into a homage to the classic surfing vehicle, complete with carpet on the roof and walls and filled with trophies from the beach.  To the front is a panoramic view of Cape Woolamai as seen from the dashboard of a restored 1970’s wagon.  Through the interior is a collection of items that one day may be destined for the ‘pool room’, but for now are rattling around in the back of a panel van.  Pride of place is a Bell’s trophy, positioned to allow for happy snaps, as well as rare, signed memorabilia and quirky displays that bring back the joys of surfing from the recent past. Of particular significance is the winners rashie from the 2005 Rip Curl Classic tournament, the only time it was ever entirely held outside Bell’s Beach at our own Woolamai Beach.

Surfing Evolution

With surf boards on display from the 1920’s and moving right through to today, visitors can discover the tools that took surfing from its infancy through to today’s exciting wave riding.  Interspersed with the boards are other unique items that have been carefully selected to tell a story of Australian surfing, including signed and mounted rashies from current champions Kelly Slater, Tyler Wright and Stephanie Gilmour.



Admission charges apply; adults are just $4.50, kids are $2.50 and a family is only $12.00.